Stefano Baldantoni


Born In Emilia Romagna, home of many Italian Specialities, Stefano's interest in a cooking career started in his mother's kitchen, helping to close tortellini for Sunday Dinners. At the age of 14 he went to culinary school and started his apprenticeship in various hotels of the Riviera.  At 23 he left Italy to work in London's Harry's Bar and Annabel's Club followed by a position as sous-chef at Paolo Petrini Restaurant In Paris. After Paris, Stefano traveled to Lebanon, where he worked as Executive Chef for the Barkley Hotel followed by the Palm Beach Hotel. He arrived in New York in 1999 where he worked at Acquario restaurant and Fiorello Café and as a Part time chef for Giorgio Armani during his NY vacations.

Stefano has been the Executive Chef at D.O.C since 2002.